Copernicus Hackathon

by | Sep 29, 2018 | Hackathon

In the weekend of 29 and 30 September SBIC Noordwijk will organize together with Plnt! the Copernicus Hackathon in Leiden,the Netherlands. Theme of this Copernicus Hackathon is Earth, Water and Air. The Copernicus Hackathon will give you the chance to come together with others and to explore many application fields here on Earth with free and open space data from Copernicus.

Together with other enthusiastic you will get access to Copernicus data, support from the best mentors and the option to follow several business and technical workshops from this amazing trainers. The latest program can be found by Clicking Here. The winning team, decided by this jurymembers, will get a seat in the Copernicus Accelerator and the Venture Academy from Plnt! , a ticket to the Copernicus Masters award ceremony in Marseille, 500 EURO Cash and six months startup tax management (valued at €600) by Zuits

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Who can join?

Everyone above 18 and resident of one the following countries (EU Member States + Norway and Iceland).

Why should I join?

Why not :) hackathons  are the perfect way to meet inspiring people, get brilliant ideas and learn useful skills. Additionally, hackathons usually lead to the creation of at least one serious business idea that gets developed into an actual startup.

What if I’m not a rocket scientist?

Our hackathon participants are generally enthusiastic, well-educated, tech savvy students and (young) professionals with a passion for space and innovation. But you don’t have to be a computer programmer or a rocket scientist to enjoy the adventure. In our experience, the teams that consist of participants with the most diverse backgrounds usually create the best solutions. In fact, designers and artists are often the most sought-after people in the team-building phase.

Alone or as team

You can join alone, we will do the matchmaking or sign up as team ( Ideal teams have 4-5 members with a mix of relevant skills ).


The expected output will be a presentation ( don’t worry, we will also provide pitch training ) and a demonstration of your app

I don’t have an Idea

Don’t worry, enough inspiration at the event to come up with an idea. Or you can always join others with an idea.

I already have an Idea

Great! We will support you to develop your idea further and to find teammembers. One note: The app needs to based on a software programme which is developed “from scratch” so don’t work to much on your idea.


You will own the intellectual property rights to all the developments you have made during the Copernicus Hackathon. Ownership of the teams’ output shall be with the teams’ Participants, who will jointly own the app concepts / draft developments.


Participation is free of charge. Discover the potential of Earth Observation data and challenge your entrepreneurial self! Register by clicking here! Note: To register you need accept the Rules of Participation and our Privacy Policy.

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