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Current ESA BIC Noordwijk incubatees



Carble logo


Helping coffee brands reduce their carbon footprint by rewarding coffee farmers for storing carbon.

Space link: using remote sensing data.

Founders: Sander Reuderink, Noura Hanna, Lodewijk van der Meer


HDES logo


Developing products using pneumatic and electrical energy storage technologies for remote and rescue applications.

Space link: space-proven technology (on PROBA 2-satellite).

Founders: Berry Sanders & Gert van Noord

Team Marmoris



Coral reef conservation and restoration services.

Space link: uses radar and optical remote sensing.

Founders: Parya Pasha Zadeh, Samantha Krawczyk, Angela Sindic

Mapture logo


Autonomous drone fleets for security & agri/food sector.

Space link: uses GNSS satellite navigation technology

Founders: Bart Slinger & Niels Klink

Neostove logo


Makes heat efficient gas stoves.

Space link: rocket inspired thermal efficiency.

Founder: Surya Prakash SDC

Parsec Timing

Parsec Timing logo

Parsec Timing

Makes triathlons more fair and safe.

Space link: uses GNSS positioning.

Founders: Jeroen Visser & Jesper Verhey

Reef Support ESA BIC Noordwijk

Reef Support logo

Reef Support

Protecting our oceans by precision aquaculture, bringing insights to beach and coastal environment management and coral reef monitoring.

Space link: using earth observation (Sentinel-2) data.

Founders: Marcel Kempers and Yohan Runhaar

rocket collective

 Rocket collective logo

Rocket Collective

Combining the power of humans and satellites through satellite based surveying.

Space link: uses geospatial data.

Founders: Charlie Wulff & Victor Bloem


smartware logo


The 24/7 multisensor remote patient monitoring solution.

Space link: uses GNSS localisation.

Founders: Reinier Vrolijk & Ronald Olie 


Survey Intelligence

Survey Intelligence & Analytics

Geological analysis for structural integrity assessment.

Space link: using earth observation data.

Founders: Reda Meftahi & Maud van Ees

Trabotyx team photo ESA BIC


Trabotyx logo


Weeding robot for organic precision farming.

Space link: using GNSS satellite navigation and inspiration from rovers.

Founders: Tim Kreukniet & Mohamed Boussama

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