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Current ESA BIC incubatees



Location-based device to ensure the safety of groups of children during excursions.

Space link: uses GNSS satellite navigation. 

Founder: Ewa Kadziolka 🇵🇱

Feverr logo


Dating app that lets people meet instantly. 

Space link: uses geofencing & GNSS satellite navigation.

Founders: Charlie Wulff, Victor Bloem, Obrian McKenzie 🇳🇱

Fusion Engineering

Fusion Engineering

Develops high-quality software, focusing on versatile applications of drone technology to ensure reliable flights.

Space link: uses GNSS satellite navigation technology.

Founders: Robert Crone & Mara Bos 🇳🇱


Dutch Terahertz

Dutch Terahertz

Inspection equipment for non-destructive testing of composite materials.

Space link: 3D imaging at THz frequencies.

Founders: Alena Belitskaya & Andrey Barychev 🇷🇺


HDES logo


Developing products using pneumatic and electrical energy storage technologies for remote and rescue applications.

Space link: space-proven technology (on PROBA 2-satellite).

Founders: Berry Sanders & Gert van Noord 🇳🇱

Mapture logo


Autonomous drone fleets for security & agri/food sector.

Space link: uses GNSS satellite navigation technology

Founders: Bart Slinger & Niels Klink 🇳🇱



Letting private pilots quickly determine the safest flight routes around storms and rain.

Space link: processing data from meteorological satellites.

Founders: Peter Novak 🇸🇰 & Antonin Komenda 🇨🇿 




 Road quality monitoring and prediction.

Space link: uses earth observation data.

Founder: Alexander Gunkel 🇩🇪


Satsearch logo


The global marketplace for space products and services.

Space link: offers a solution for the space sector.

Founder: Kartik Kumar 🇳🇱


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The 24/7 multisensor remote patient monitoring solution.

Space link: uses GNSS satellite navigation technology.

Founders: Reinier Vrolijk & Ronald Olie 🇳🇱


Sobolt logo


Earth observation solutions for sustainable cities.

Space link: using earth observation data.

Founders: Danny Hetharia & Jeroen van Zwieten 🇳🇱


Survey Intelligence

Survey Intelligence

Geological analysis for structural integrity assessment.

Space link: using earth observation data.

Founders: Reda Meftahi 🇫🇷 & Maud van Ees 🇳🇱