Our activities

SBIC Noordwijk hosts and facilitates various events that can all be described with two key words: space & business.

What We Do

Some people are born entrepreneurs, others need a little inspiration to help them start on their entrepreneurial journey.

We organize various activities, from exciting 24-hour challenges so interactive workshops, to help people become the best entrepreneur they can be.


Break out of your comfort zone, dive into a hackathon and discover the entrepreneur in yourself.


Test your idea in a competition and win the support you need to start your own business.


Learn the skills you need to become the next Elon Musk or to improve the impact of your startup.

Be an active part of the space business community

The Space Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk is the place to be for all things ‘space’ and ‘entrepreneurship’. Whether you are a design student excited about space or an engineer looking to start your own business, we have the right event for you.

Can't wait to get going?

Sign up for one of our upcoming events, and hopefully we can welcome you in Noordwijk soon!