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Pitch your idea & win a ticket to Finland

ESA BIC Noordwijk Space Hack: win a ticket to Ultrahack in Finland Space technology took us to the moon, flew the space shuttle 135 times, and might eventually take us to Mars and beyond. In order to show that space techonology can also provide inspiring solutions...

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Democratizing InSAR for civil engineering

If you have ever seen a land surveyor at work, you can imagine that accurately measuring or inspecting a large piece of urban area can be quite a time-consuming task. Not to mention the costs involved when traffic has to be shut down in order to inspect a highway or a...

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Space Solutions network gathers in Prague

Prague is a city that is known for its beautiful cultural heritage as well as groups of partying tourists – but this week it was the scene of a different kind of event: the bi-annual ESA BIC/Broker Meeting. Twice per year, the whole Space Solutions community gets...

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Rocketeers are ready to lift off their business

With a certificate and a well-deserved drink we celebrated the finalisation of the second edition of the Rocket Program this week. Three out of four participants convincingly pitched their business concept to a small audience from the SBIC community. Unfortunately,...

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How Centrip ended up in Noordwijk

Last November, we celebrated three “Dutch wins” during the European Space Week. We can now add another “Dutch” success to the list. The overall winner of the ESNC GSA Challenge, Centrip, is being founded right here in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. Centrip will combine...

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