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New group of Rocketeers ‘graduates’

On Friday 8 June, another group of five entrepreneurs received their certificates after a successful Rocket Program. During seven intensive sessions, the Rocketeers were challenged by Derk Schneemann and Joris Kruse from Verhaert to take their business to the next...

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Space mirrors take first prize at ActInSpace NL

A short text message in a Whatsapp group shared by five Delft-based aerospace engineering students. That was all it took to get Team Graviters to travel to Leiden on a sunny Friday afternoon to join the innovation contest called ActInSpace. “We applied without really...

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AIS2018 breaks records around the world

2200 participants in 70 cities in 35 countries on 5 continents. Including 73 participants in 15 teams, 4 challenge experts and 9 mentors in Leiden. This was ActInSpace 2018 in numbers. But the story behind the numbers is much more interesting. For one day and one...

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Idealism and startups go hand in hand at Avy

It was a big dream that led to the founding of aviation startup Avy: “building self-flying aircraft for a sustainable future”. Two years later, the founders have lost none of their idealism. If anything, the company has become even more focused. “We have learned that...

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‘Pac-Man’ in the clouds at GEOSS Hack 2018

SBIC Noordwijk has organized quite a number of space-related hackathons, such as the NASA Space Apps Challenge and ActInSpace, but we also like to attend and help out at other hackathons and entrepreneurial events. In the first week of May, SBIC’s community manager...

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15th ESNC open for submissions

Galileo: a Launchpad for New Applications Approximately 75 million Galileo-ready smartphones were sold in 2017. Currently, 95 percent of chipsets on the market are compatible with Galileo, the European Global Satellite Navigation System (GNSS). Users profit from...

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