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Martijn Seijger

Martijn Seijger

Director Manager

Martijn Leinweber

Martijn Leinweber

Community Manager

Rianne van der Poel

Rianne van der Poel

Administrative Office Assistant

Lorenz Van Gool

Lorenz Van Gool

Content Marketing Manager


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ESA BIC is the place for entrepreneurs to realise their innovative business ideas based on space technology.

A startup hub for explorers

Space exploration is not only a curiosity-driven endeavor. ‘Space’ has also given us many useful applications right here on earth. We can hardly imagine our lives anymore without satellite navigation in our cars, satellite TV in our homes, and location-based apps on our phones. Space is also responsible for innovations such as LED lighting, solar panels and freeze-drying food. And we have learned many valuable lessons by observing our own planet from space, with the help of earth observation satellites.

Still, we believe that ‘space’ is not being used to its maximum potential – especially by small businesses and startups. There is a need for startup hubs for the space industry. That is why the Space Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk supports entrepreneurs and startups that want to launch or improve a product or service that makes use of space technology. Think of an agriculture app that uses satellite data to inform farmers, or a product developer that uses space-grade technology to store medication. We want to provide a base for these companies, be their startup hub.

These companies are the ones that bring the power of space technology


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Together with its first-class partners, SBIC Noordwijk inspires entrepreneurs to transfer technologies or data from the area of space into successful businesses.

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