Meet our new IoT community partner Wireless Logic Benelux

by | Aug 31, 2022 | Partner, SBIC News

We have added another partner to bring Internet-of-Things expertise to ESA BIC startups and the rest of our community : Wireless Logic Benelux. 

We asked a familiar face about this partnership: Jesper Verhey. Next to being partner manager at Wireless Logic Benelux, he’s also incubated in the ESA BIC programme with his startup Parsec Timing

What is Wireless Logic Benelux all about?

Wireless Logic Benelux logo

Wireless Logic Benelux provides connectivity for machine-to-machine applications, also known as the “Internet of Things” (IoT). Think of smart metres such as water level metres, remote control of infrastructure such as traffic information systems, or connecting the ATM in the supermarket. Nowadays, a lot of things are connected, and there is a (often critical) business process behind them. You can imagine what would happen if the ATM connection in a supermarket were to be lost; chaos within five minutes. That’s why reliability, control and security, together with excellent service, are crucial. In addition, connectivity quickly becomes the core of an organisation, and therefore a strategic element.

How can you help our community?

We offer three special services to everyone in the community:

  • Free strategic and technical advice on connectivity;
  • Free test subscriptions with hands-on support;
  • A special SBIC discount on our services.

What can you tell us about your team? 

Wireless Logic is a European organisation based in the UK with about 400 people, managing around 9 million connections worldwide. Many local departments (such as Wireless Logic Benelux) were recently still startups in the emerging IoT market. In the Benelux we are now 35 people strong. We still do platform development in the Benelux with our developers, and also run the operational side ourselves. 

Jesper Verhey

When is a client well served?

We consider our clients to be well served when the connectivity solution we provide is strategically, operationally and financially right, and therefore strengthening their proposition. And that is where we differentiate ourselves. We do not sell “SIM cards for devices”, but connectivity that is embedded in the customer’s organisation. It is crucial that it just works, but it can also be a huge growth accelerator. We are equipped to meet customer needs at all stages of growth.

What questions do you get the most?

We often get the question “How much data can I get for what price?” which often comes from the idea that IoT connectivity is as much a commodity as consumer data bundles. So basically a procurement issue. Our challenge is to investigate the real need behind this question, and we think it’s mostly about business continuity. Because what happens to the continuity of business operations if a failure happens? What measures have you taken as a company to ensure continuity? These discussions are always challenging but we all learn a lot from them. 

What do you like most about the space sector?

The space sector is wonderful because it appeals to the imagination. I see it as a wonderful garden where groundbreaking technologies can sprout, deployed across the globe. We encounter space technology everyday with our clients, think of GPS trackers, satellite communications, wind farms, and so on.

How can our community get in touch with you?

If there is a need for more information you can call, email or app me, or speak to me when you see me in Noordwijk!

Call: +31 (0) 40 8 489 489
App: +31 (0) 6 5173 2475

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