The new and improved Ignition Program to pimp your ESA BIC application

by | Feb 3, 2020 | ESA BIC, Ignition Programme

After a successful first edition last year, we will organize another Ignition Program in the spring of 2020. This year we made some changes and several improvements to make a better pre-application program, and thus better ESA BIC application results. Here’s what you need to know:

What is the Ignition Program?

The Ignition Program is designed to prepare and help entrepreneurs with their application to the ESA BIC Noordwijk program. The goal is to improve the quality of space business ideas so entrepreneurs have a better chance of entering, and in the end, create better startups and accelerate their market entry. It is meant for people with just a space business idea or an actual business not older than 3 years.

Here are the changes we made:

From 2 days to 3 weeks

Entrepreneurs work on their space startup idea not for 2 days in a row, but for 3 days, spread over 3 weeks. This gives people the time to actually process and apply all the extensive information in the workshops.

More applicants

Last year’s Ignition Program was done with a class of 5 startups. We now aim to fill the class with 10 businesses.

Organized before every ESA BIC deadline

The Ignition Program was such a success in terms of conversion to ESA BIC applications, that we want to organize this program before the start of every new ESA BIC batch. After the last Ignition Program session, people have about a month left to submit their business ideas.

Same contents

The content of the program remains the same. We cover the same topics but simply take more time for it. So we still tweak business models, have space expert sessions, address technical feasibility and host patent/IP & finance workshops.

Postponed program dates

Due to COVID-19 pandemic we have decided to postpone the Ignition Program. A new date will be announced soon. You can still get more information and details about the general program by clicking the button below.

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