Students working on the frame of ESA BIC Noordwijk Elbibi visited ESA BIC

by | Oct 31, 2013 | ESA BIC, Incubatee

Martin de Haas, Nikolai Carels and Bart de Wert are working hard to finalize their Proof of Concept for their innovative, sustainable business bike: Elbibi. In order to maximize the impact of their project, they decided to cooperate with the Hogeschool of Arnhem, section Automotive. One of the students of this institute is working on all aerodynamic issues of Elbibi, and 3 groups of students are studying the ins and outs of the framework of the vehicle.


On the 29th of October, the students who are working on the frame visited SBIC Noordwijk in order to present their first ideas. They also took the chance to take a tour through the SBIC building, where they could get an idea of the work that is in progress. It was a great, inspiring day to meet the youngsters and to get to know their visions and plans.

During the next three months the groups will work on their concepts, making calculations and fine-tuning their designs. From all the final designs, Elbibi BV will choose the best result and get it prepared for production.

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