Soft Landing Program: move your space business to the Netherlands

by | Apr 7, 2021 | SBIC News

Announcing Soft Landing: a program for space based businesses that want to relocate to the Netherlands.

Why such a program?

We’ve noticed an increasing attention for the ESA BIC Noordwijk program for space based businesses. Not only from entrepreneurs in The Netherlands, but also from abroad.

And while our network consists of a substantial number of international entrepreneurs, they and their businesses are located in the Netherlands – mandatory to participate in the local incubation program.

Next to that, we’ve also noticed a lot of space businesses that want to be in the Netherlands for other reasons: for our culture, access to the local network, just want to be close to ESA’s R&D centre ESTEC. Or they want to have an expansion here to act as a gateway to Europe.

Smooth transition

Whatever your reason, we want to help you have a smooth transition. That’s why we created the Soft Landing Program, to help entrepreneurs relocate their business to the Netherlands, in 6 months.

In this program, we help with your first steps towards relocating to the Netherlands, introduce you and help you with the Dutch tax and legal system, offer custom business support and coaching, introduce you to office space, give you access to our network and, if necessary, help with your visa application. 

That’s just the short summary. Like to know more about our relocation program for space based businesses? Then have a look at Soft Landing.

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