Meet our community member Wendy Mensink (Void & Visual)

by | Jan 19, 2021 | Partner, SBIC News

The SBIC community keeps on growing. Former ESA BIC Noordwijk entrepreneur Wendy Mensink is adding graphic design expertise to our space business network, by joining us as a community member. Let’s introduce her!

A lot of people within the current network probably know Wendy as a co-founder in the ESA BIC Noordwijk program with the earth observation company Viridian Raven. After successfully graduating, unfortunately soon after she and her co-founder decided to stop with this space based business. This also meant Wendy could focus on her other passion: graphic design.

Can you tell us something about your business, Void & Visual?

Wendy Mensink Void Visual

I started Void & Visual 6 years ago under a different name, even before Viridian Raven. It was founded through the combination of my passion with space and my graphic design skills. With Void & Visual, I help space based businesses to better present themselves. 

The visual identity of your mission and vision for instance is just as important as the entrepreneurial journey itself to bring the business to the next level. But it can be a challenge really to visualize the world of space. It’s my job to make things visible that aren’t always tangible. And that excites me.

So, what can our community approach you for? 
You can always talk to me if you want to discover the branding and identity of your space business. So, if you have questions like “What do I want to carry out and what does that look like?” or “How do I present my business to my clients?”, then I’m happy to help. Also, I can help startups who don’t have design skills inhouse with small graphic design tasks.

Void & Visual

What do you like the most about space?
The people who work in this sector are passionate people. They have achieved great technical advancements to improve our future. This way, space helps life on earth as well. That’s admirable!

What do you think of the SBIC Noordwijk space community?
I really like everyone’s drive in the ESA BIC program. They all share the same clear goal: building a business. I experienced it myself: every entrepreneur has some struggles at one point. But they all do it together and help you through tough times. There’s just a lot of solidarity.

Why did you become a community member?
It’s great to expand my network in space in and outside The Netherlands. Next to that, I live in Den Bosch and there isn’t much space activity there. So the Space Campus makes it a nice central hub to attend. And, I experienced this as well in my time in ESA BIC: the general ambiance here is just amazing.

Can you tell us something about you we might not know?
Just before the pandemic I got my license for (indoor) skydiving. Next to that I love cooking, especially Asian cuisine! 

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