Lencon Engineering added as new technical partner of SBIC Noordwijk

by | May 6, 2020 | Partner, SBIC News

Lencon Engineering is the latest addition to SBIC Noordwijk’s list of relevant partners to its space business network. The engineering firm will be technical partner – technically supporting startups in the ESA BIC program.

Lencon designs, develops and assembles and delivers products for and to startups and multinationals. The company is also able to deliver on-site support.

Lencon logo

This technical partnership means ESA BIC Noordwijk startups can use the expertise of Lencon as part of the technical support in the program.

The other great thing about this partnership, is that Lencon is a neighbour of SBIC Noordwijk. It’s literally across the street so its offices are visible from the SBIC building. That’s the power of a Space Campus! We hope to welcome more of such close partners in the future.

Martijn Leinweber, COO SBIC Noordwijk: “Next to being our neighbours, it is beneficial that Lencon is already working with some of our startups, can produce on a small scale as well and really knows its way around the space industry.”

Johannes Backer Lencon
Johannes Backer

Johannes Backer, business development manager at Lencon, adds why they are a fit to the SBIC community: “We’re a team of multidisciplinary designers and engineers with a broad range of experience in different branches.”

Technical support: details

To be precise, Backer tells us in detail which technical support the startups can expect. “We offer full support with product development and engineering. Think of helping out with things like building a prototype, 3d printing, fabrication space and sourcing parts. But also sheet metal engineering, plastic or aluminium injection molding, product extrusion or rotary milling production.”

This diversity in solutions fuels the unique approach of Lencon and what they stand for: developing complex products is a team sport, in which great communication and expertise are essential.

Backer offers everyone of the SBIC community to give him a call or – when everything is back to normal – to just drop by their office in Noordwijk: “We’d love to show you what we’re doing here.”

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