These innovative startups apply satellite navigation in surprising sectors

by | May 15, 2020 | Competition, Galileo Masters, Satellite Navigation

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From logistics to tourism and from agriculture to environmental protection: satellite navigation has its widely known applications. Here’s to the startups that apply it in surprising sectors! What do dating apps and patrolling guards have to do with this technology?

Mapture – helps checking something suspicious

Drone startups have always had a link with satellite navigation and GNSS systems. To fly autonomously, it’s necessary that the drone flies the correct route. To execute precision landings on a docking station even, satnav can be a trusty companion.

The company does exactly that. But the founders applied it, amongst others, to the sector of safety & security as well. Most of the time GNSS applications in this industry are tied to vehicle positioning or a built-in emergency system on a wearable or other device or object.

Mapture was thinking that an autonomous drone could help guards patrolling too. This drone-in-the-box system is able to be controlled remotely, making it safer and faster for guards to check a suspicious situation. Now that’s clever!

Feverr – makes meeting new people safer

Due to the corona virus we can’t do much physical meetings with other people. And online dating only works if you meet someone physically as well. But sooner or later, we will come out of this crisis. Needless to say, dating will then rise again!

Dating app Feverr has an unique approach to meeting people: it wants to let people meet instantly, without the hassle of talking and chatting endlessly before finally deciding to meet. A refreshing take on the concept of dating apps within this industry really.

Dating app

But meeting like that instantly, you better guarantee safety. That’s why the founders of Feverr made use of space tech like geofencing to ensure people are close to each other in certain safe areas and satellite navigation to calculate the safest route to a meeting spot that’s crowded enough.

Apply to the Galileo Masters

Both startups are excellent examples of coming up with amazing applications of GNSS like the European Galileo system. The Galileo Masters competition celebrates these innovative ideas and offers lots of prizes for anyone who has an amazing idea: from blueprint to full business – everyone is invited to apply. Do it before June 30 though.

On top of these challenges, you can also double your chances if you apply for a local challenge by a partner country. SBIC Noordwijk, together with the Netherlands Space Office, is bringing you the Galileo Prize The Netherlands together with the following competition partners:

Copernicus Masters Galileo Masters competition partners

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