Last chance to apply to Copernicus Masters

by | Jun 17, 2019 | Copernicus Masters, Earth Observation

The deadline to apply for Copernicus Masters approaches! You have less than two weeks to file in your application. Don’t miss out on this earth observation competition!

Why join the Copernicus Masters competition?

First, former applicants themselves can say it best. Each and every company has their own reason for joining and experiences the competition differently. For Startup Viridian Raven for instance, they entered because of the exposure. In the end it increased the reputation of their business.

“Having my idea scrutinised by the expert Copernicus Masters jury was very valuable. It not only helped to precisely define the business concept, but also encouraged me to start a business,” said Mark Matthews, founder of British startup CyanoLakes Ltd.

Entering the competition is also about networking, recalls Paul Indinger, Managing Director of the German company Building Radar GmbH. “The Copernicus Masters is a unique opportunity to present your project to the international Earth-observation community, engage with experts, and make some valuable new contacts.”

Prize pool

Next to the valuable experiences business can get, there is an immense prize pool. Of course it has monetary prizes (this year, it exceeds 450.000 euro). But let’s have a look at all the other stuff you can win.

For those who want to work mostly on their business, you can win a spot in renowned business incubation programmes to further develop your idea. There’s also business coaching and access to public funding to help you move forward.

For those seeking help with technology, they can win valuable satellite data sets, help with prototype development, and access to experts. ESA itself is also supporting by offering access to testing facilities and technical support.

People who need eyes on their startup, can profit from marketing support and the extensive promotion of the competition and their winners.

So it doesn’t matter if you are ‘just’ a technician, entrepreneur or student. Everyone has something to gain from the Copernicus Masters competition. Enter before June 30!

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