The Copernicus Masters in 10 impressive numbers

by | Jul 4, 2022 | Competition, Copernicus Masters, Earth Observation

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The need for smart and new solutions to support our planet’s health has never been more urgent. With Europe’s leading competition for the novel use of space data, Copernicus Masters, the opportunity to contribute to this need has become increasingly accessible and interesting to entrepreneurs. We have the numbers the show it.

Check out these 10 all-important statistics:

Since the start of the Copernicus Masters in 2011, over 6,2 million euro of prize pool money has been spread over 151 rewards. Those rewards have been granted to more than 5.050 ambitious, driven and dedicated creators and visionaries from over 50 countries, who have filed their ideas or solutions for the competition over the years.

Out of these people, 1.880 business ideas related to earth observation have been submitted in the last ten years. The top 100 businesses in the history of the Copernicus Masters have raised 548 million euro in VC money, and have created over 3.300 jobs.

This year, the competition exists of 7 challenges, varying from urban planning in historic city centers to clean oceans. The lucky winners can benefit from business support by Europe’s most relevant and compelling space stakeholders, access to significant events, and extensive promotion within Europe’s space industry. This year, 14 economic regions across Europe (and beyond) give away extra support through the Regional Prizes. In total, 158 international experts have been involved last year, who contributed to reach global visibility for the winners. 

However, it’s not just the winners, the industry or the end-users of the new solutions that benefit from the Copernicus Masters competition. Its most beneficial party, of course, is our planet Earth. These winning ideas have its impact or contribution in one way or another, all with the common denominator of do-good.

Want to be part of the future stats? Don’t wait any longer and submit your space business idea now:

Application deadline has been extended to July 13, 23:59 CEST.

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