SBIC adds TeekensKarstens as new community partner for legal support

by | Jun 27, 2022 | Partner, SBIC News

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To help support our space business network with legal issues, we added local legal firm TeekensKarstens (TK) as our latest community partner.

To introduce TK, we talked to TK’s business partner marketing Bas Bosman about the firm and this partnership.

What is TeekensKarstens about?

TK is a medium-sized law and notarial firm focused on the business market. Our clients are owners, entrepreneurs and directors of companies and organisations. TK stands for high-quality legal services and focuses on the challenging cases: the more complex issues that have a major impact on the client’s organisation.

For clients, doing business with TK means that they can always be confident about the sustainable future of their company or organisation. By committing to the legal expertise of TK, clients can immediately continue running their business. Therefore our motto is “Zodat u verder kunt” (“so you can move forward”).

How can TK help our community, and vice versa? 

We do what we promise: to ensure that you, as an entrepreneur, can move forward. We stand for a direct, low-threshold, informal relationship, where knowledge and expertise go hand in hand with humour and job satisfaction – whatever the task. 

For this community, this means that they should always feel free to turn to us for questions and advice. We will tell you what the next steps should be and at the same time indicate what TK can do for you in this case.

What can you tell us about the TK team?

Teekens Karstens

TK employs about 50 advisors, each with their own legal expertise. At SBIC, you will mainly get in touch with Maaike, Onno and René. They will be regularly present at SBIC and will visit the community events. Like all specialists, they are easy to approach and always willing to help you move forward.

When is a client well supported by you?

When they can just move on with their business and daily operations. Our clients want useful, pragmatic answers, not necessarily legal explanations. 

What do you like the most about the space industry?

In our sector of legal services, it’s not only about knowing a particular law. It’s more so about knowing how to apply it to a situation. Space is an innovative industry, which means that legislation is not necessarily written for today’s practices. Nevertheless, as a lawyer you must be able to give the right legal advice within that framework. From us, this requires a flexible and innovative attitude.

How can our community reach out to TK the best? 

Just call, app or mail us. And if you meet us at SBIC, just speak to us. We will immediately respond. Next to that, we will also take the initiative ourselves to inform you at several network meetings and webinars.

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