SBIC Noordwijk adds design studio Cheta to its community partner network

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Partner, SBIC News

With the growing presence of visual communication in mind, SBIC Noordwijk has welcomed Cheta design and CG animation as its latest community partner. 

We asked Taha Chebli about his business and how it can help our network and community.

What is it that you do?

I am a freelance designer and animator. You can come to me with our your visual communication questions, both offline and online. From short video to infographics, I got you covered.

Taha Chebli, Cheta

What describes your approach the best?

I always try to think along with my clients for the best result. AIso, I hear a lot that my services are quick and good!

How can you support our community, and vice versa?

Sometimes clients want to create something special, but don’t know yet exactly what they want. I can help by translating ideas to beautiful, sharable content. Next to that I like to be a sparring partner, and I’m open to suggestions from the rest of the network.

What don’t people know about you? 

Well, I talk a lot when we meet and tell a lot about myself. So I get the feeling people will get to know me pretty quickly when they get the chance! 

What do you like most about the space industry?

It’s a very interesting industry where every day is new opportunity to learn and discover something new. 

How can our community reach out to you?

You can always reach me by phone: 0630712735, send me an email: or visit my website

Taha is no stranger to our community, as he had his office in our building before. Also he has helped us create promotional videos, like this one for the Copernicus Masters.

Martijn Leinweber, COO SBIC Noordwijk: “We are very happy with Taha joining us as a community partner. We’ve had positive experiences working with him, and we believe the rest of our network can benefit from his work as well.”

Interested in becoming a partner as well? Read about all our opportunities on our partner page.

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