Galileo Masters

by | Mar 14, 2019 | Competition

Galileo Masters is an innovation competition annually awards the best services, products and business ideas using satellite navigation in everyday life.

Its mission is to spur the development of marketdriven applications based on satellite navigation technologies. Since 2004 the competition proofs that satellite navigation technologies open the door to countless applications! The international innovation competition serves as accelerating instrument for space‐related entrepreneurs and startups, providing Europe with path‐breaking novelties.

No matter what stage a pioneering idea is at, the Galileo Masters provides support for innovative ideas at each development stage, with the ultimate aim to turn them into real business cases

There are two tracks in the competition:


  • Regional Challenge that would best support your business case from various partners regions incl. 141 partners worldwide. No matter where you are located, we have the perfect match for you. 

  • Special Prizes offered by leading European space stakeholders. Special Prizes are partnered by institutional and research partners who are searching for innovative solutions tailored to their specific needs in various satellite navigation related fields. The format is also intended to encourage joint realisation of the winning idea by the winner and the partner.

Your idea makes use of satellite navigation data and promises to be the next big thing? So, Galileo its a great opportunity for you!

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