Collaboration with Leiden Instrument Makers School

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Partner

SBIC Noordwijk has entered into a new collaboration with the Leiden Instrument Makers School (Leidse instrumentmakers School, LiS). LiS is a highly acclaimed vocational school (in Dutch: mbo) that teaches students to craft high tech precision instrumentation. Part of the students’ curriculum is the assignment to design, produce and test a prototype for a client. Through the collaboration, SBIC and its connected companies have special access to these students when developing or demonstrating new technology.

“We see a clear interest among our students for everything that is related to space,” says Frank Molster, project manager at LiS. The school is therefore developing a specialization program on space-related instruments. Through SBIC, the students will have an opportunity to see space technology in action right here on earth, while SBIC can draw on a pool of creative and eager instrument makers.

Also, following the spirit of the times, LiS is more and more encouraging students to be creative and entrepreneurial. “We consider it important that our students get in contact with start-up companies, so that those students who might be thinking about starting their own company can see real examples,” explains Molster.

Both SBIC Noordwijk and LiS are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.

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