Are you ESA BIC startup #501?

by | Sep 19, 2017 | ESA BIC

This month, we are celebrating quite a milestone. In a little under 15 years, we* have supported no fewer than 500 startups in their quest to build a successful business based on space technology. Since ESA BIC Noordwijk was the first Business Incubation Centre, we can boast the longest list of alumni: more than one hundred companies grew into maturity right here in Noordwijk.

All ESA Business Incubation Centres as of 2017

We’ve seen all kinds of companies start, in various fields – from logistic and parking management, to telemedicine and serious gaming.

So why do startups come to ESA BIC Noordwijk?

First, of course, there is the 50,000 euro incentive for product development and IP. But perhaps even more important is the access to the ESA BIC community: other space businesses and startups work and share stories right here in the building, coaches and investors are on speed dial, and we provide access to engineers from the European Space Agency itself.

If all this inspires you to start up or boost your own space-related company, we look forward to meeting you. The next application deadline for ESA BIC Noordwijk is on 11 October, but we would prefer to talk to you beforehand to discuss your plans and advise you on which steps to take.

Read more about ESA’s 500 startups here.

* “We” here means the entire ESA BIC network, consisting of ESA BIC Noordwijk and 15 other ESA BICs all across Europe.

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