Joining forces makes us stronger – announcing the TekDelta partnership

by | Apr 23, 2019 | Partner, SBIC News

William Pollard, an English quaker writer, and recorded minister said: “Without change, there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable”.

Matching startups and corporates

At SBIC Noordwijk we also believe innovation is the best way to change, improve and develop. To ensure the quality of our activities, we are happy to announce a new partnership agreement with TekDelta. This is a network that facilitates large and small companies to innovate together.

TekDelta is a non-commercial joint initiative of Dutch organizations, knowledge institutions, and the startup community. Its purpose is to create one open ecosystem that will help startups to scale and corporates to innovate.

TekDelta especially thinks Earth Observation data companies are interesting to increase their network of innovative tech startups: “We are always looking for high quality, high tech startups and scaleups to connect to our network of large organizations. Sobolt is a great example of such a startup. They combine geospatial data with artificial intelligence and computing power to create a sustainable future. This is very interesting for our partners!

By joining TekDelta, startups get connected to a world of possible business partners, for sales, knowledge, validation and/or capital. Based on mutual needs, TekDelta organizes high quality 1-on-1 meetings between these startups and innovation managers from leading Dutch organizations companies.

On the other hand, large organizations meet the next generations of tech companies. Giving them access to a startup ecosystem, that could enable them to innovate in a faster and more flexible way.

Besides that, they enter a peer network of innovation and/or startup liaison managers to share and exchange knowledge with.

Making “win-win” wins

Large organizations can provide for example market access and credibility to startups. Startups can provide flexibility and agility, which large organizations sometimes lack. For hubs like SBIC Noordwijk, TekDelta is a valuable partner for their best startups to connect to potential business partners. The purpose of TekDelta is to bridge the gap between both big and small, by joining forces.

Besides that, startups can benefit from this accessibility to large organizations. Also they can find the opportunity to find possible customers or alliances with high companies already settled in the market.

As a startup, you have to plant many seeds and you never know which one will lead to fruit. We encourage you to try to plant one at TekDelta and apply for matchmaking at the company at

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