With a certificate and a well-deserved drink we celebrated the finalisation of the second edition of the Rocket Program this week. Three out of four participants convincingly pitched their business concept to a small audience from the SBIC community. Unfortunately, FluidBalance could not be in Noordwijk for the last session – they will receive their certificate by mail, of course.

In 7 full-day sessions spread out over 10 weeks, led by innovation experts Stijn Smet and Filiep DeWitte from Verhaert Belgium, the participants were challenged to improve and validate their business idea. They were introduced to various helpful models and tools, and were invited to work on their own strategies, analyse their target market, and formulate a convincing pitch for potential clients and investors.

The many sides of space

This edition of the Rocket Program featured a very eclectic mix of companies – with ‘space’ and ‘startup’ being the common thread.

Space Mining Technologies, for instance, has the very ambitious goal of providing drinking water in outer space, to enable permanent human presence in space in the near future. Ujuizi, on the other hand, is taking a much more ‘down to earth’ approach, by using Sentinel data to advise smallholder farmers in Africa on how to best grow and preserve their crops.

Lift off your business!

If you’re inspired by the stories of our current Rocketeers and want to take your startup or business idea to the next level too, you can apply for the next Rocket Program until 15 March.

Rocketeers not only participate in the interactive workshops, but are also invited to become part of the SBIC community, enjoying all the perks such as a free flex desk, interaction with our other startups, support from experts and exclusive deals from our technical partners.