The Ignition Program is a month-long pre-incubation program specially designed to improve your ESA BIC application, resulting in a higher chance of acceptance. Each year there will be a Spring and Fall edition. The application date for the Fall 2021 edition is August 25.

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FALL 2021 application deadline: August 25

Program dates: September 1/8/15/22/29

For who?

Let’s say you have a great idea. But you didn’t do the basic research to make it a real business yet. Then it’s time to take that idea to the next level. We created this program for the following groups of people:


  • People who want to join the ESA BIC program with a more mature application (researching the space link of their company, checking technical feasibility and analyzing market opportunities);
  • People who want to start a company related to space – and who want to validate their business idea;
  • Entrepreneurs with a space related startup (< 3 years) who want to refine their business model;
  • Participants are EU citizens and must be a permanent resident of the Netherlands.

What’s in the program?


Space Connection - 1 on 1 expert session

Define exactly how your business is related to the space industry.

Value proposition - workshop

Find out if there’s a need for your business and who your customer really is.

Business Model Canvas - workshop

Learn how to work with the famous Business Model Canvas to tweak your business model.

Technical Feasibility - 1 on 1 expert session

Find out if your product or service can be built and if so, how long it will take.

IP strategy - workshop

Develop a strategy for patents and your intellectual property.

Finance - workshop

Does your business makes sense financially? Learn about cost structure, revenue models and financial projections.

What participants say

Regardless of how much experience you have, the Ignition Program has something to offer for everyone. The program covered everything, from IP and Legal to Finance and Entrepreneurship. Every session was run by an instructor who is a seasoned expert in their field. With every participant company, a real community of collaborators was formed. I think it is a perfect example of a pre-incubation program.

Metin Emenullahi

CPO, AgCurate

I joined the Ignition Program because I wanted to improve my business model so my company would have a better fit to the space industry. I also learned how to better execute my business ideas through validation. Next to that, with the help from mentors in the program, I successfully changed my pricing strategy.

Jurgen Mangelschots

Founder, Strain2Data


The Ignition Program is held in the eye-catching SBIC Building in Noordwijk. Here you will find ESA BIC startups and other members of the space business community. Due to COVID-19 the program will be held online for now. 

Ok, now what?

Although the program is designed to fit the needs of most founders, its main purpose is to be a pre-incubation program to ESA BIC Noordwijk. This means a space connection is advised before applying to the Ignition Program.

But please note: the ESA BIC program works with an open call, so the Ignition Program is not obliged. But we highly recommend it!

Just fill in our application form and we will contact you very soon.

The program will be in English.

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