HE Space: recruitment support to our startups

by | Apr 2, 2019 | Partner, SBIC News

Keith Muirhead (HE Space) and Martijn Leinweber (SBIC Noordwijk)

Space is infinite but finding skilled people related to space is more much challenging! For that reason we are excited to announce HE Space is joining us as a community member & competition partner.

HE Space is a human resources company focused on space jobs & careers. For more than 3 decades they have been the perfect link between companies and candidates.

Helping to recruit the right person

It is difficult to find the right people, especially for startups. As a recruitment service partner they offer their service to our startups who need to hire highly-technical and non-technical persons.

Competition Partner

For SBIC Noordwijk it is a great asset that HE Space has become a competition partner. We can offer more prizes to the winning teams in the competitions and hackathons and we can use their expertise as a jury member or mentor.

If you are interested in HE Space and/or want to find a vacancy in a few steps, have a look here. Maybe your new destination is behind the link!

Are you also interested to join and support the SBIC Noordwijk Community or being a Competition Partner? Then contact Martijn Leinweber via m.leinweber(@)sbicnoordwijk.nl

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