Four new startups selected for incubation

by | Apr 10, 2018 | ESA BIC, ESNC, Incubatee, Rocket Program, Satellite Navigation

In the first selection round of 2018, four new companies were selected to join the ESA BIC incubation program. Below is just a short introduction to each company. We hope to be able to tell you many great stories about these startups in the next two years!

Drones for Work

This young tech startup from Delft first landed on our radar when they won the Netherlands prize in the European Satellite Navigation Competition. Co-founders Robert Crone and Mara Bos had pitched a method to use GNSS data to very precisely position and stabilize their drones. Drones for Work develops control systems that allow drones to operate in the harshest conditions imaginable: the offshore industry.

Smart Farm Sensing

Smart Farm Sensing

Smart Farm Sensing

This startup is another good example of the fact that agriculture, space and Internet of Things are a great combination. They propose an integrated system for pest control, focusing first on a smart trap for red palm weevil, a snout beetle that threatens palm tree plantations all over the world. With a handful of smart traps per hectare, farm owners can know exactly when and where they have to take action.


An alumnus of our Rocket Program, satsearch is building the world’s first and largest search engine and marketplace for space technology. Co-founder Kartik Kumar realized that aerospace engineers waste a lot of time trying to find the right components for their projects. satsearch offers a curated platform where suppliers from around the world – large and small – can offer their antennae, solar panels, thrusters and more.


Co-founded by Ewa Kadziolka, Centrip is another ESNC winner. The company was kick-started when the idea behind it – ensuring the safety of groups of children with GNSS-based technology – won the special GSA Challenge, which included three months of pre-incubation at an incubator of choice. Centrip came to Noordwijk, and decided to stay!

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