Anti-spoofing GNSS receiver wins ESNC Netherlands challenge

by | Nov 28, 2013 | ESNC, Satellite Navigation

SBIC Noordwijk congratulates Willem Folkers with winning the regional ESNC The Netherlands challenge with his idea: Anti-Spoofing GNSS Receiver.


© Folkline

The winning idea comprises of hardware and an operational concept. The hardware will contain a small module with an antenna, flash memory, a battery, an A/D converter, and an interface that can be utilised in a covert fashion. The operational concept involves employing this module to record periodically encrypted signals in space using the Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS), and over time, enabling customers or other governmental agents to read and decrypt the data. Agents will then be able to confirm manifests by comparing them with actual location data.

Extensive other uses are possible, from maritime, aviation, and road containers to rental equipment (boats, planes, and cars), fisheries, and electronic tagging. The module’s key features includes the ability to record encrypted PRS signals over time and decrypt them with a PRS test user receiver at an early stage, which will ultimately be possible on-site. For purposes of verification, open signals will also be recorded. Customers will be provided with proof that their data is authentic based on the comparison of both of the positions in question. The form factor of this module should be approximately equivalent to a small GPS receiver, such as the Bad Elf GPS Receiver for iPod.

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